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What Material Are We Using?

Some of you might be wonder , what material are vlixco using . Are they using real leather ? 

Here i will tell you guys what material that we use.


Leather Material

For products with leather material like belt, wallet, bag, and leather shoes . We are using 100% GENUINE leather. how to prove its genuine leather and not pvc leather?

you can try to burn it with matches. if it is fake leather, it will burn and damaged. if it is genuine leather , the leather will not be damaged.

the smell of a real leather was different as well from pvc leather.

but beware, some product is printed over the leather, and it may damaged the printing.

For clothing products

we try to find the closest material to original (which cost more than normal material). If the Authentic clothes are using thick cotton material, we will use thick cotton material as well. all embroidered was hand made stitch not machine production, which will definitely cost more expensive.

all the printing on our clothes are a very high quality printing, you will feel an ease when you wear our clothes. cheap material printing will make you feel hot inside of the fact that no air can come through inside the clothes.

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