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  • Where did you guys ship?
    We ship worldwide to every country in the world (Africa, US, Asia, Europe, Australia).
  • How is the sizing of the product
    Almost all of our clothes and shoes sizes are like the authentic pieces. We will tell our customer if there is difference in size. And if you guys are wondering about sizes, feel free to contact us on whatsapp.
  • Where is your shop base?
    Our shop is based in China and Indonesia, but most of our products come from china.
  • What quality is your product
    We only sell THE HIGHEST REPLICA GRADE ON THE MARKET. All of our products were ordered directly from the best factory! We are one of the few companies to have a quality like this.
  • How do you proof that Vlixco's quality is good?
    We post pictures and (mostly) videos of our products on instagram(@vlixco.lux). we try to provide the picture as detail as posible . We will always put a brandticket of VLIXCO in the video to let you know it's us!
  • How to track my shipment?
    Usually we will send an email for the tracking code after we send your product and you can check it on the official website. DHL tracking : FEDEX tracking :
  • Can i get special discount for my order?
    Yes! You can get 8% of discount and free shipping if you order more than $1000. And if u order more than $400 we could give you free shipping too .
  • How much is the shipping cost?
    Shipping costs $30 to all country.
  • How long will shipping take?
    Shipping will take around 5-7 but it can be longer or shorter, it depends on each country. (Due to Corona shipping now tooks about 2 weeks minimal ) For further information please check DHL : FEDEX :
  • When do i get my tracking code?
    You will get your tracking code after the shipment is started. we will send you through your email or you can contact us via whatsapp. +62 877-5224-9723
  • What payments did you accept?
    We do accept Credit Card ,Transferwise ,Western Union, Bank Transfer.Because that's the most safe way for the customer!
  • What currency did you guys accept?
    We do accept all currencies. But the easiest and fastest for us to receive money is through IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  • How if our item get hold by custom ?
    If your item is hold by our local custom in china , we will be fully 100% responsible and ship a new item . But if item is hold by customer country , we cant be fully responsible since we didnt know every country Custom Regulation. If ur item is getting hold by custom , please contact whatsapp to sort things out .
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