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Why Our Product Often Goes Out of Stock on Our Website?

Dear Customer

We will only know the product that you bought is unavailable after we submit the order to the factory. and the factory often runs out certain items rapidly. factory didn't update their daily stock. The item may still be in stock in the morning but it may already be out of stock in the evening, so you roughly got the idea of how it works, we will set our product to out of stock once we know the factory runs out the item. each factory produces hundreds of cloths or new items every day, there is various of model and tons of stock. it is impossible for the factory to update the stock every hour.


dear customer, first of all, we sincerely apologize if the item you bought is unavailable. vlixco sells over 5000 items. each brand may come from a different factory, and we don't own every product that we sell. every pair of shoe type has more than 6 sizes, some cloths have 4 to 5 sizes. we are not a big corporation like H*M that can stock every model for many different sizes.

imagine 5.000 products with 4 sizes on every product. that makes it 20.000 products.

So how do vlixco actually process your order then?

the day we receive your payment, is the day that we submit the order to the factory. the factory will start the process to ship out the item to our warehouse, and if it is out of stock they will tell us. sometimes it took a few days for the factory to tell us if the product is out of stock. normally if everything went smoothly, we will ship your item very quickly like around 3 days. but if it runs out it might take longer than we expected.

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