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VLIXCO REPLICA WATCH. There is so many factory, what is the diffrence?

Updated: Mar 19

Vlixco provide top 1:1 replica watch clone. We have rolex replica, Audemars Piquet replica, Patek Replica and much more.

Comparsion :original, VSfactory and Clean factory

Before we start to dive deep into which factory makes the best, you gotta understand.

Factories are in the business of producing products, Vlixco is in the business of selling them. That's how the business works. Some very popular watches will have years worth of experience. Like Clean factory, VS factory, etc.

There is a couple of difference that we will talk about.

  1. The maturity and experience of the manufacturer 

  2. The material it used to produce (what steel material, what movement, what hardware, what case)

  3. The attention to detail and willingness to update their product.

  4. The marketing of the watch itself.

  5. The rarity of the product.

  6. Each factory has their own special product( clean , vsf with Rolex . Tw with omega. Bv with Cartier etc)

For example. Why clean The most wanted and the most famous?

They have the most experience in the watch industry, and their production capacity is the best, meaning they can produce the most watch in the shortest time period. They have many reviewers who already pass the legit test, watch expert, real vs clean comparison. And best supply of top raw materials to make their product

What about factories like VSF , TW , BV , EW, PPF ,PP

Each of them has their own strength and weakness.

For example. Vsf is a rising star who makes a good quality watch. Almost similar in quality with clean, but hard to get the product since their production line is short.

Tw and EW make one the best woman's rolex. 

BV makes good omega

PPF and JF make one of the best AP and PP

It's vlixco job, to recommend the best quality watch for the product you pick. Because for instance even though clean and vsf make the best Rolex, they might not have the specific model that you want. 

It's our job to find the best specific watch for you

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