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Size 21*14*6 CM

highest replica in market

About us

All product that we sell are a result of many comparison between many factories. And we choose factory that produce the best quality, material, printing etc. so customer will feel safer when purchasing

The picture that you see is 100% the product that you gonna get.

Please check carefully before purchasing.


Any tax payment is not our responsible.

(Tax is paid randomly .some customer pay, but most of our customer didnt pay. All our product that we send, is written 20 dollar worth and written as a gift) so the risk of paying taxes is low.

NOTE: All product will be shipped in 3 days if the product is on stock.

If the product is outofstock , customer need to wait for afew more days until the factory finish producing.

If its on deadstock customer need to change to other model.

Since our company dealling with more then 40 factories and we sell more than 1500 product, its common that some product maybe in deadstock or outofstock.


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