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Welcome to VLIXCO LUXURY! established since 2014.

We sell highest quality of replica clothes, shoes, bags ,wallets, watches ,and etc and ship worldwide. Vlixco only sell the highest quality that we can find on market. We didn't guarantee that the product we sell will be 100% same as authentic (since there is no replica that outcome 100% like authentic) but we can guarantee you will get the best quality. Since there is more then 10 quality in replicas market and we choose the best quality that we can find after many comparison and many quality control (which will cost more then average replicas) Product that you see will be exact the same as you got! Please check the detail carefully before you buy!​

We provide any product that you guys can request. just add our whatsapp and send us the product that you are looking for. We will try our best to find the best quality that possible. We have more than 20+ designer brands in stock and we are currently adding more. We post all of our new products daily on Instagram.


 If you have a question, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (+62 877-5224-9723), Instagram (@vlixco_lux)  And make sure to subscribe below for more notifications and exclusive promotions!​

NOTE:product will be ship 3-5 days after we received the payment (if it is in stock) but if product is out of stock, customer need to wait a few days for factory to restock or change other product. Product will arrived 14 days after we shipped due to corona(in total 17 days +- after you purchased)  we will send your goods as fast as we can. Since we sell more than 5000 product, it's common if some product is sold out and need to be reproduce . Thankyou and happy shopping!

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